It was August 2020 when the duo siblings – Amor and Jack, decided to register the name 8Teas. There is no significant meaning on the name of the shop other than the one of the owners was born in 80’s. Currently, this shop is managed by family and friends.

“Love at first sip!”

“Love at first sip” is what hooked the owner of 8Teas Bubble.

Two decades ago, year 2020, when Amor discovered boba in one of the milkshake shops in Manila, Philippines. From then on, wherever she goes she looks for that restaurant or tea shops that serves tapioca pearls on drinks. It’s a joy every time she founds one on her travel. That’s the beginning, and the rest is now a history.

She attended trainings in making drinks, discovering various teas, and learning more about the culture of drinking boba just for her personal curiosity. None was intended that one day those learnings will be the foundation of her first boba shop. The need to have that quality boba and easy access to her family is one of the motivations to start the tea shop.

8Teas goal is to recreate that joy of “love at first sip”, and to continue to find that happiness with your drink. That is only possible by serving fresh and using quality ingredients in making our drinks.